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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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Naomi Night

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PostSubject: Naomi Night   Naomi Night EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 11:35 am

Naomi Cissy Night
Naomi Night Imgashley%20benson5

General Information

Full Name: Naomi Cissy Night
Nicknames: Nao
Age: 16
Date of Birth: (month, day) July 21st
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
House: (go to take the sorting hat quiz)
Year: Sixth
Blood Status: Pure
Play by: Trish


Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6
Body Type: Slim
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo on her right hip (Star)
Dress Style: Flirty and Feminine - But she doesn't wear any pinks

Personal Description

Quirks: She chews on her lower lip when she's nervous
Likes: Drawing, Reading, Dressing-Up, Friends,
Dislikes: Hot/Sour food, bullying, house rivalry
Strengths: A quick learner, fast and agile
Weaknesses: Sweets, Cute things, she will easily let her guard down if she's with friends

Personal Information

Family: Amelia (Mother, Deceased), Andrew (Father), Josh (Older Brother, 23)

Personal History: Naomi's family isn't as old as the Malfoy's, Black's or Potters but they are old. The Nights are clear supporters of the Dark Lord but they only do it in the shadows, were there wasn't any light-supporter watching. The family never got involved in any raids but their name was enough for the Dark Lord, as long as they didn't attack him, they were fine.

Naomi's mother died 2 years before Naomi went to Hogwarts because she got into an unfortunate accident when she was doing potions and that ended her life. She now lives with her father and older brother who is 23. Her father wanted to send her to Durmstrang (Because of their subject on the Dark arts) but Naomi in the end had her final say and chose Hogwarts because she didn't want to have anything to do with the Dark Arts subject.

Before she came to Hogwarts, Naomi was taught different kinds of subjects raging from the Dark Arts to DADA to Potions to Arithmacy. She didn't mind all those subjects but she was annoyed that she couldn't do practicals in Dark Arts or DADA. She got taught the Dark Arts by her dad but her brother, who didn't want Naomi to end up going into the Dark Arts, taught her DADA to help her with the Defence of the Dark Arts. She mostly enjoyed her lessons with her brother because she didn't have to endure some of the Dark Arts spells.

Despite being a Pureblood, Naomi doesn't hold much prejudice feelings towards Muggle-borns, Half-Bloods, Blood-Traitors or Muggles. Unlike her father, who's prejudice in and out. She can be mean and snarky at people whom make her mad.

Naomi hated going to the Pureblood banquets that she always got invitations for, she only went because of her father. Whenever she went to these banquets, she always managed to sneak away for a couple of hours before her father noticed she went missing; when he does notice she's missing, he gets pretty angry and punishes her when they get home, it usually is grounding, taking off privileges etc. He's never too strict with her but if she does something totally bad then he sometimes uses either Dark Arts spells or Corporal Punishment.

Pets: Black Owl, Ange
Wand: (to be added once you get one)

RP how you got your letter: Naomi was quietly sitting on the couch in the living room in the Night manor and her parents... well, her mother was dead for two years and her father was in his study, doing god-knows what. Her brother was in the room next door, the library. Naomi was quietly reading a Curse Breaking book that her brother gave her for her birthday, even though it was old and used since her brother used it when he was apprenticing at Gringotts (it had all the notes that he wrote in there), she didn't mind. She loved getting presents from her brother and the book was no-exception.

It was then that Naomi heard the flapping of the wings from an owl and saw a letter being dropped into her lap, looking up from her book she watched with curios eyes as the owl left and then she looked down at her letter. She didn't know who's owl that was, as she didn't recognize it as any of her friends. She slowly picked the letter up and stared at the seal. She thought she was dreaming as she swiftly opened the letter and read it. She let out a loud squeal as she jumped from the couch and ran to the library, slamming the door open and startling her brother, who was working on something.

"JOSH! I got my letter! I got my Hogwarts letter!" She yelled as she ran towards him and threw the letter at him, while jumping up and down in glee, her eyes staring at the letter that was now in Josh's hands.

"See sis, and you were worried that you wouldn't get it." Josh smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. "Looks like you're finally going to Hogwarts." He told her as Naomi hugged him back and she was still smiling as if Christmas came early, which for her, the Hogwarts letter was an early Christmas present. She knew that her mother would be proud of her and that brought an even bigger smile on her face.

"So.. When are we going shopping for my school supplies?" She asked and her brother burst out laughing, ruffling the younger girls hair as he winked and said.

"Soon Nao, soon."
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Naomi Night
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