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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Els, Axelle Fons

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Axelle Els

Axelle Els

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PostSubject: Els, Axelle Fons   Els, Axelle Fons EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 9:02 pm

Els, Axelle Fons Untitled-1-6

General Information

    Full Name: Axelle Fons Els.
    Nicknames: Fons, Alex, Axe.
    Age: Seventeen.
    Date of Birth: .June Twenty-First.
    Gender: Female.
    Orientation: Heterosexual.
    House: Gryffindor.
    Year: 7th Year.
    Blood Status:
    Play by: Keira Knightley.


    Hair Color: Straight light brown hair that's always held up.
    Eye Color: Chocolate Brown.
    Body Type: Axelle has a very, natural slender appearance.. Although, she isn't like those girls who are just all skin and bones. She has slight muscle built on her upper arms, with some leg muscle at the same time. Showing she actually doesn't laze around the place.
    Distinguishing Markings: Axelle has a tattoo right above the waistline that says Fons . She believes her father is alive, but unlike her older brother, she does not search for him. After though, Graduating from Hogwarts, Axelle will move to Germany to her brother's to find her father.
    Dress Style: Other than wearing the normal student uniform. Otherwise, on her normal and no class days. Axelle wears a navy blue long sleeve shirt with a spiral white design running up the back of the shirt. During the fall and winter season, Evalyn wears a wool fabric like jacket that buttons up and appears to be very model, or style-ish like. It appears to keep her extreme warm, which she agrees to anyone who asks. Whenever she's out, she tends to keep her want up the right sleeve in case anything were to happen. Axelle always keeps it in her mind she has to be mindful of what she does with that arm in order to keep it from breaking. Of course, during the winter time, Axelle wears either loose, or tight jeans with deep pockets in order to hide certain things. Also wearing a leather belt due to the fact She wears black boots with very skinny laces.

    During the summer and spring season, Axelle wears a either a elbow length black shirt, or during the extreme hot weather, Axelle will wear a shirt that is sleeveless and clings to her body that's actually the colour red. Regardless of the weather, she'll either wear the normal loose or tight pair of jeans. And normally wears purple flip-flops.

    During the summer and spring season, Axelle wears a either a elbow length black shirt, or during the extreme hot weather, Axelle will wear a shirt that is sleeveless and clings to her body that's actually the colour red. Regardless of the weather, she'll either wear the normal loose or tight pair of jeans. And normally wears purple flip-flops. Overall, she keeps her nails a clear aqua blue, and a silver heart locket around her neck.

    Personal Description

    ◦ Murmurs to herself.
    ◦ Taps her fingers to the memories of random music melodies.
    ◦ Rolls her nails across a flat surface.
    ◦ Axelle loves the game of Qudditch, before she had gotten transferred to Hogwarts, Axelle was known to be the Captain and once a seeker for the school's Qudditch team. Once she had gotten transferred to Hogwarts, she's been playing as a Chaser for the team once in a while. Mostly a sub since she transferred in the middle of the year.
    ◦ Cooking is something that Axelle loves, and is also very good at. Unlike Potions, she's able to find cooking and following those written down. Unlike potions, the things are laying around all over the kitchen. But with potions you've got to try and make sure you don't get eaten by what your trying to gather with.
    ◦ Sketching is something that her Step Father, Mikael taught her how to do. During the summer between Sixth and Seventh year, Mikael took himself and Axelle to England to see some of sights. Causing Axelle to fall in love with a drawing that a young male had created. Both the young male and her father taught Axelle how to sketch. Now that she knows how, both flying and drawing has been known to help with her extreme stress. Even more so when she has the yearly visit with her brother in Hogsmeade.
    ◦ Something that really bothers Axelle, and her brother is the fact that the American people don't play real Qudditch. Instead, they play a game where the main ball is basically a ticking time bomb. Axelle and the Belgium team had a annual meet with the American team of Maryland. Axelle to say the least, was the most unhappy with this meet. A Majority of the team had agreed with their Captain.
    ◦ Dark Arts is something that she believes is the reason why her father, Fons, had disappeared. But because of this, she comes to dislike the dark arts even more. But yet, at the same time, her step-Aunt is very curious about the dark arts, unlike Axelle. Her Aunt is always trying to get Axelle even the slightest interested, Axelle just says her aunt is a little crazy is all.
    ◦ The train ride. Ever since her beginning of fifth year, she started taking the famous train that takes all witches and wizards to Hogwarts. In Belgium, the children were taught when able to fly to use a spell who hide themselves and they would take themselves to the school. But now she has to take the train to Hogwarts. All her friends found it funny when upper class men have to hold her and her broom from flying out the side until the rest of the way there. But now in her Seventh year, her friends and other students hide her room to make sure she doesn't try anything funny.
    ◦ Axelle is strong when it comes to flying, a true sign that she's a Qudditch player. Because of the game, she's known to be able to fly pretty quick and silent at the same time. Of course, Axelle has been injured quite a few times because of her flying talent, thus, it no longer bothers her. Out of a majority of the Els family, along with the Kaj family, Axelle is the only one who is beyond a decent flyer.
    ◦ Dueling is something that Fons, her father, taught Axelle at a very young age. And is the one thing that the witch always has carried with her. Is the natural talent for dueling due to being taught at such a young age. Although, because the Belgium school didn't have a dueling club, Axelle found a club outside of school grounds during the summer. And created one within the last half year before leaving for Scotland. Axelle is trying to join the Hogwarts Dueling Club. But it might be hard.
    ◦ Although, she doesn't have the true talent, and has never been taught, but Axelle defends her mind with something that not many people think. All the time, Axelle is watching, or reading strange movies/books that are from America, and thus is always thinking of horror scenes. A dare once over the summer, one who was trained to enter minds of other had been dared to go into Axelle's. It was said he had a hard time ignoring the thoughts of blood, guts and gore for a good week.
    ◦ Potions is something that Axelle struggles with. Something about following complex readings and finding some of the most dangerous ingredients is something she isn't fond of. Other students have a hard time understanding this, especially because they've seen Axelle able to cook her own food. Axelle says there's a difference between Cooking, and Potions.
    ◦ Mikael's original son, Harris, has known to bother Axelle a lot when he comes for his weekly visit to see his father three times a week. Because of this, Axelle has developed a very short temper when it comes to people who bother her a little to much, especially when she can't go out for flying, or find paper to sketch. She becomes easily angered when the topic of her Father, Fons, or her middle name's namesake comes up.
    ◦ Axelle and her brother, before he had left the family for Germany, were always plotting against each other, or teaming up against another person that they mutually dislike. Because of this, Axelle is sly, cunning and devious. It always comes up at wrong, or the right moments that someone needs her, or something else. Jokingly, students wonder why she isn't in Slytherin. Although they hold their tongues when they see her do something bold.
    Personal Information[/center]

    Father: Fons Luz Els | | Fons is a Wizard who had been born, and grew up in Belgium. Following from a long line of pureblood wizards and witches at the same time. In time, once Axelle had been born, Fons began to teach his eldest daughter how to start early dueling. Fons is Axelle's middle namesake after his disappearance.
    Mother: Lilith Demora Els (née Vice) | | Lilith was believed in her youth to be a Veela. Although this was not the case once she had entered the German Wizard and Witch schooling. Axelle is said to be the image of Lilith when she was also learning how to become a great witch. Lilith was said to be a great witch that lived in Germany, and left for Belgium after Graduating. Lilith moved herself and Axelle to Scotland after her husbands disappearance. Currently, Lilith is now remarried a man around her age, and Axelle is actually all right with this.
    Step-Father: Mikael Vash Kaj | | Is both Scottish, and Swedish at the same time. Eleven years ago, she had met a young woman named Lilith, and was the shoulder she cried on once the Wizards in the Wizarding world had connected her about her husband, Fons, had gone missing. His wand was all that they had found. He's also a pureblood wizard and cared for the Els family. Not long after Fons' disappearance, he married Lilith. More or so that Lilith could have someone in case she would break down. He loves her dearly though. He's proud of Axelle, and is proud that she still uses the Els last name.
    Brother: _______ Cain Els | | He's known to be the older brother of Axelle, but not exactly known to be the true elder Els, but he's moved on and into Germany like Lilith. He's known to be the one searching for Fons. He believes his father is still alive, just someplace that no one can reach.
    Sister: ______ Luzia Kaj | | Is recently just starting Hogwarts in Scotland like her older half-sister, Axelle. Fons had disappeared when Axelle was six years old. Torn about this, and her mother, Lilith, finding a note. Continued on with her life. And married a man known as Mikeal Vash Kaj. It wasn't long before Mikael and Lilith bore a young child. Eleven years later, she begings Hogwarts with her eldest sister, Axelle. Regardless of blood, she's known to care deeply for her younger half-sister.

    Personal History: Axelle was born in Belgium, a little out in the country side. Her parents are known to be Fons Els, and Lilith Els. She's also known to be the youngest sister to _____ Els, who's already within the present time, twenty-one while Axelle is seventeen at the moment. Although, now Axelle was born with extremely white hair, it appeared naturally from her mother's side of the family.

    Fons had started to teach Axelle at a young age when she started to show signs of having magic in her blood. Although, what he was teaching her was the art of how to duel against someone. Why Fons was teaching a young girl something like this, was beyond someone elses mind. Fons personally believe that something would end up happening, and he wanted to protect his family. And personally, his daughter was someone he believed to be the one who would end up protecting her family.

    Although, when Axelle was six years old, her father gained the letter and a visit by a older man explaining that Mr. Els, Fons, had disappeared when he was out exploring a part of the Wizard world that believed to be the main area of the Dark forces. Axelle and her brother had watched from the darkness, Axelle was known to be the stronger one out of herself and her brother. She remembered the training that her father had done with her, and remembered something that he had told her.

    "You are our Light, our Eternal Light.

    Axelle had been confused about what was happening at this time. Although, she slowly understood once she started going to the Belgium school for Witches and Wizards for a few years. She understood how everything was dark, even in the places where it should be the lightest and the brightest. where children should be protected. But, as she was at the Belgium Wizarding World, Axelle had learned how to fly and became the Seeker for the school's Qudditch team.

    The white haired witch enjoyed everything that she was learning, especially the fact she was able to fly, and do magic. Although, doing magic brought back the memories of herself and her father when he was first teaching her how to do very small magic, with basically a stick.

    But sadly, when she was going to enter Fifth year, her mother decided to move with her new husband, Mikael and Axelle's half-sister. Axelle didn't mind the fact that her mother had remarried. Although, her brother instead didn't like the fact that their mother had remarried. Because Axelle's brother had graduated, instead of moving to Scotland, he moved to Germany with the rest of the Vice family was staying at.

    Within her years at Hogwarts, Axelle slowly started to get used to life, and got quickly sorted into Gryffindor house. Soon, Axelle went on to join the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team as a chaser, as the Seeker position had been taken up.

    Everything has gone smooth and easy for three years. Now, Axelle enters her final year, Seventh Year, as a Gryffindor and hopes to make this year the best one out of all of them. Out of everything, she hopes to build a relationship with someone, and to continue with her passion for Quidditch.

    Pets: Axelle has a now adult Crow/Raven hybird bird that she had originally bought for one of her classes, Transfiguration class. Because she doesn't have an Owl, the hybrid is the one who brings letters back and forth. His name is Hayate.
    Wand: Axelle has recently broken her wand when training with her brother one day, and needs to go get one.

    RP how you got your letter: "Mikael," A white haired recently turned Fifteen year old teenager questioned the older, honey coloured hair male. "Did I get anything?" Apparently, the said male was holding a bundle of letters that had been sent to the Kaj and Els' family household. The white haired female is the sole reason why the Els still get letters to this day in Scotland.

    His bright emerald eyes smiled and looked through all the letters that they had received within one day. A grin broke out across his face when he noticed something. Even though his Step-Daughter had started schooling in Belgium, I guess word finally reached all the way to the Scotland teaching for Wizards and Witches.

    "Instead m'dear. Thic is for ye." His thick accent got in the way, as he placed down a yellowish, brown like letter with a wax seal on the back. Just as the Fifteen year old girl was about to reach out and open it to read, the letter suddenly jumped up into the air, becoming almost like a face. The letter then spoke.

    Dear Axelle Fons Els,

    It has come to the attention of Hogwarts that you have now moved to Scotland, and thus leaving the area of the Belgium schooling grounds for Witchcarf and Wizardry.

    Hogwarts now invites you, Axelle Fons Els to come and join us here in Hogwarts. With the school year fast approaching, we would like for you, and your family to get the needed books for you in this now Fifth year that you will be entering.

    We are looking forward to meeting you.

    Happy Wishes, and Good Health,
    Headmaster ___________.

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Els, Axelle Fons
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