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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee

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T.K. McIntee

T.K. McIntee

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PostSubject: Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee   Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 7:07 am

Tiberius Kaelan McIntee
Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT6qWwaPHVt0etpXJtu8isT9DwdI3SUXOCcUHN-UWS-QLXqjJcvKg
Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSF2DNxUrOzG0TnpdZ7yUXABigY8BySYnr_wwTOU7xJA3-w_BYC

General Information

Full Name:Tiberius Kaelan McIntee
Nicknames: T.K.
Age: 11 (Almost 12)
Date of Birth: (month, day) October 18 1965
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 1st Year
Blood Status:
Play by: Luke Conard

Appearance He is 5'3 (Will grow) with unkempt dirty blonde hair that hangs just above his dark hazel eyes which gleam towards the end like a ligth at the end of a spiraling tunnel. He often wears graphic or plain white t-shirts and always wears his black leather jacket with worn out jeans. He is a bit skinny however has muscles, but not bulging muscles just visible.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Hazel eyes that light up a bit at the end.
Height: 5'3 (He will grow to be possibly 6'1 maybe a couple inches shorter.)
Body Type: He is assumed to be a half blood as he doesn't know if his mother was a witch however his father was a wizard.
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style: Casual american style clothing

Personal Description He is extremely smart with an Idetic memory. He is scarred by death and is catious of others. T.K. is pleasant, funny, and very sweet if you get to know him; however there is a very serious side to him that will come out. He is extremely caring and compassionate however extremly brave and intelligent. He's the one who will sit down and think every possible thing you can do in a tough situation before actually taking action. He finds it hard to love anymore because of his past. He's a bit eccentric as well and anyone who would take the time to break down the walls he's built around himself would find themselves a great ally, friend, and person that anyone could like.

Quirks: Is actually an American with a brooklyn accent, always keeps his wand behind his ear or up his sleeve, he plays guitar, he's a veggittarian, and he is very philosophical in terms of speaking as in many things he says sound like they should be written down as they sound a bit intellectual.
Likes: The order of the phoenix, charms, all magic except the dark arts, wandlore, bubbly people, his wand, moaning mertyl, Thestrals, all animals, and many other things.
Dislikes: Death Eaters, Dark Arts, Voldemort, Death, and obnoxious people.
Strengths: DADA, Charms, Potions, his brain, his heart, his courage, and his will to survive
Weaknesses: Herbology, he feels the need to try and save everyone, his 'inability' to love even though he just does this to protect others from dying, he cuts himself off from others too much, he tries to do everything on his own even if he needs help (Sometimes he won't do this), and some say his strong morales hold him back.

Personal Information

Family: Thomas McIntee (Father, Deceased), Meagan O'reilly-Gordan (Mother, Deceased), Art Gordan (Stepfather, Deceased), Dylan Dimineco (Mentor, Deceased) Katherine "Cat" Valin (Love Interest, Deceased), and Rubeus Hagrid (Mentor, Guardian)

Personal History: (at least one paragraph -6or7lines-) T.K. was born to twenty-two Meagan O'Reilly and twenty-six year old Thomas McIntee in Brooklyn New York, United States of America. His father was killed by the age of two and his mother remarried when he was four to Art Gordan, a rich wall street broker and schemer. T.K. was not raised as a rich kid as his mother and stepfather were both drunks and beat him daily. By the time he was seven his parents had begun going on week long trips leaving T.K. home to fend for himself. Eventually when he was nine they took him on his first trip which was to England. While there however T.K. realized this was a ruse as he found out his mother and stepfather were bringing him to death eaters in return that the death eaters wouldn't kill them. Of course he didn't know they were death eaters as that would be ridiculous. The death eaters killed his parents and proceeded to try and kill him. T.K. was rescued by a seventeen year old drop out of Dumstrang named Dylan. Dylan raised him on the streets with a girl T.K.'s age named Kathy. T.K. grew found of Dylan's old guitar which he had passed down to him. He could often be found on the streets of London playing his acoustic guitar for passer-byers who often will leave tips in his New York Mets hat. By the time T.K. was eleven he had developed feelings towards Kathy which was weird to him as he always thought of her more as a sister before then. But now he felt something else there. Eventually he asked her out when he had saved enough of his passer-by money. She said yes and they fell head over heels in love with each other. T.K. often spent much time reading Dylan's old spell books and could tell what Dylan had meant by the reason he dropped out was because of the dark magic they were teaching. Most books had something to do with dark magic however there were three books he was quiet fond of. "Quidditch Through The Ages", "Advanced Potion Making", and "The Standard Book of Spells" were incredibly intriguing to T.K. he loved the moving pictures in the Quidditch book and longed to make potions and use spells. Five moths later came the end of July and all hell broke loose. The death eaters from before found them by chance and Dylan died protecting T.K. and Kathy. two days later Kathy was killed by the death eaters as well and T.K. escaped. He was later that day visited by Hagrid who then gives him his Hogwarts letter and he proceeds to go to hogwarts. He stays at hogwarts year round as it has been deemed to dangerous to be on the streets and he has no family left. Hagrid becomes his guardian and he lives in Hagrids hut during the summer. T.K. often explores Hogwarts or helps Hagrid with his duties around Hogwarts.

Pets: To be bought later (Undecided which to choose)
Wand: His wand is made of elder wood (Not the actual Elder Wand that is a specific wand made of elder wood this is just made out of elder wood it’s just like any other wand and is only as powerful as the one weilding it just thought I’d put that in now because others have mistaken me before thinking I meant I have the Elder Wand) which is 13’ inches (the number thirteen is a bad omen and is often the mark of dark wizards), it’s core is a thestral tail hair (representing how he is often misunderstood and how he is surrounded by death), is is pliable and suprisingly swishy making it good for both charms; however the length and core make is useful for the dark arts this symbolizes his two paths and he does choose the good path not the evil one. A picture of his wand (as I can’t fully explain how it looks) can be seen below:

Tiberius Kaelan "T.K." McIntee Storyteller-large-luna

The wands look itself is meant to represent unconditional love (as T.K. does love his stepfather and mother even after what they did to him as they could’ve jsut as easily have thrown him out on the streets when he was two but tried to take the hard path), being one of a kind, and being eccentric.
RP how you got your letter: (make it decent length)
So here I am . . . I'm finally going to have a home . . . Hogwarts. The same place Dylan had always said he wished he could've gone to rather than Dumstrang. . . Oh Dyl why'd you have to act like that and get yourself killed. I don't know how much I like this side along aparation thing. It feels like I'm being pushed painfully through an inch wide tube, every bone in my body is being pulled in every possible direction, and the feeling of needing to puke is overcoming me. I guess this isn't really where the story starts though is it . . . don't worry I'm not going to give some story about being beaten and abused and try to make people feel bad to me. I suppose the real story started five days ago. There I was living on the streets of London. I loved it there people were nice enough, but most were pretty mean. I got decent money from playing guitar at a local pub and on the streets. I had the love of my life and Dylan who was like a father to me. raised me like his own and taught me almost everything I know. And just faster than the blink of an eye, although it felt like a lifetime of pain and suffering, my life was ripped to shreds. The death eaters found us again and Dylan acted as a protector and father should have he fought them to the death as Kathy and I escaped. It wouldn't last long though . . . they found us in no more than a few days but I got away . . . wish I could say the same for Kathy . . . but I'll never forget the look on their faces when I drew Dylan's wand and shouted the spell I had read so many times at a wall . . . bombarda. Of course nothing happened except the explosion of a cars gas tank as the wand had no allegiance to me. Nonetheless it still did the job of crushing the death eaters even though they did manage to escape by disapparating away. Now there I was sitting in a cardboard box in a dark alley way . . . all alone . . . everyone gone . . . Kathy's last words "Stay stong, I love you T.-" repeated over and over in my mind as my hands were clasped around my knees where my lay tears strolling down my face as I saw Kathy dying in my arms again . . . the light leaving her eyes . . . what I wouldn't do to go back a week and run away to Dublin Ireland or Liverpool England with them before the death eaters got there. Unfortunately life doesn't have a replay button . . . maybe there was some kind of magic I could do to bring myself back . . . no whats done is done and all I can do now is learn these spells and become an Auror and find a way to catch them . . . to put an end to them and their spree. The rain splatter hard againt the top of my cardboard box and then I heard it . . . footsteps . . . very loud footstepd that is. Ipulled a pen from my pants pocket and poked a hole in the cardboard. A large man was approching. I barrel rolled out from the box and inbetween two buildings which was a tight squeze. I grasped a tire iron which was leaning against the wall of the building. The footsteps stopped and I held my breathe.
"Well yer don't have ter hide from me if thats what your doing," the voice said, "Come outta der."
I don';t know why I did but something about him was . . . compeling me to come out. I rolled my back of the wall and I came out standing in the open. My dirty blonde hair looked a light beige in because is was soaked along with my ripped, worn out denim jeans. However Dylan's black leather jacket kept my shirt completely dry.
"Who are you" I asked clutching the tire iron, "Why are you here? Are you one of them?"
"That won't do nothin' ter me," the man laughed, "Names Hagrid Hagrid, I'm here ter give yer this, and as for the third question 'fraid I don't know whatcha talkin' 'bout." He took out a letter from his large brown overvoat.
"Are you one of the death eaters" I rephrased looking him in his jolly eyes but I couldn't help but feel like he wasn't bad.
"What? A death eater!" Hagrid yelled as the water dripped from his large brown overcoat, "I ain't no death eater! I'm Hagrid keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts."
I examined the letter in his hand as he shoved it towards me and I hesitantly grasped it. I looked at it compelled to open it as I ran my finger across the Hogwarts insignia. I carefully opened the letter and silently read the letter to myself. I looked up at the man and I didn't want to trust him so easily but . . . I couldn't help it.

"Come'on," Hagrid said as I dropped my tire iron onto the ground, "We need ter go meet up with Dumbledore and Mad-eye. . ."
"Dumbledore and Mad-eye" I questioned?
"Albus Dumbledore Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts no doubt the next head master as well good man Dumbledore," Hagrid replied as we walked out of the alley way, "And Auror Alastor Moody or as we call him "mad-eye" or "Mad-eye Moody". Both members of the order, Dumbledore founded it."
"The order" I asked feeling dumb?
"The Order of ter phoenix," Hagrid replied, "Surely you know about yer dad though, good man he was, a great member. . . one of the very first to join actually. The first musta been Dumbledore, Moody, McGonnogal, me, and yer dad."
Well the rest is just history, we met up with Moody and Dumbledore. Couldn't tell which looked more eccentric. Dumbledore had half-moon spectacles, scarlet robes, and a silvery white beard reaching past his waist; meanwhile Moody had a large electric blue eye rather than his small brown eye, scars covered his face, graying hair, and a wooden leg. Now Moody went back to the ministry while Dumbledore, Hagrid, and I are disapparating to Hogwarts of course I had to use side along apparation. I could feel the pain easing up more and before I knew it I was standing in front of large oak doors, however before I could see anything I dropped to my knees and puked. Why would anyone want to go through that?
"Acceptable,” Dumbledore said, “Most do throw up their first time.”
I looked up and there it was Hogwarts Castle. twisting and turning corridors, secrets behind every door, unknown bewilderment to discover, everything I can imagine is right there beyond those doors . . .
“Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” Dumbledore said outstretching his arms.

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